Our Product Range Includes:

Baked Bone Treats

Moulded baked treats with flavours such as chicken, beef, kangaroo, goat, emu, crocodile, and turkey, with vegan & allergy friendly options also available


Baked Nibbles

Great for training & small mouths, these nibble sized moulded baked treats come in flavours such as chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, salmon, and with or without catnip friendly options also available


Pet Beverages

Made from the juices of our bone & nibble range we have doggie beer and cat wine.  We also make our own doggi-cino and iced tea.


Ideal for dogs, these dehydrated treats include beef ears, beef bully, pig ears, chicken feet, roo rib cages and pig snouts

Make At Home Products

Includes doggi-cinos,  and cake mix for cats and dogs


These triple backed treats include pure chicken, beef, sweet potato, carrot, chicken infused sweet potato, and beef infused sweet potato

Health & Wellness Products

Includes dog soap made especially for itchy / sensitive skin,  dog soap made to deter pests such as fleas and flies, & balmy paws which is ideal for cracked paws & noses in the Winter.


Jerky products include chicken, beef, kangaroo, horse, goat, emu, turkey, chicken necks, chicken hearts, beef liver, green lipped mussels, Fremantle sardines and whitebait